Addressing a gap: Joseph’s Experience acknowledges the wonderful organizations that aim to serve children. Several gaps exist. There are no services similar to us in central New York. Second, a gap lies in the notion that other service providers fill a one week or a single event timeline. The discrepancy is that the year encompasses 52 weeks thus, we aim to provide services, activities, and support throughout the year…after all, suffering doesn’t stop after an event, a child returns from camp, or a family returns from a weekend away. **we remain the ONLY central NY organization which serves children all year***

***We have expanded to work with children at  Golisano’s  Childrens Hospital Hematology Wing***

All of our families believe that the support we aim to offer to them wasn’t available

We provide real-time responses for people who need us today. After all, Cancer takes no time off. In 2010, efforts to provide assistance to people who suffer was launched. Out of need, changes in how we serve were identified and changes were implemented.  In 2014, the spirit of TME morphed into Joseph’s Experience Inc. We have narrowed the scope of our service to children who are in active treatment. 

At minimum, Joseph’s Experience serves by providing:

  • Central New York’s only annual Christmas Party for children impacted by Cancer and Leukemia.
  • The areas only FREE Christmas tree farm sponsored by the Montgomery family.
  • Opportunities for families to go camping in New York State Parks.
  • The ONLY bicycle ride in central NY for those impacted called “The ride for Joe.”
  • Assistance to families who have a child in treatment.
  • Referral to free oil changes at J&J Automotive in Sauquoit.
  • Annual events that bring people together for support, fun, and meaningful activity.
  • Civic engagement and educational opportunities for students and professionals.
  • Martial arts and breathing class with Scalise Tae Kwon Do in New York Mills.
  • An annual basketball event featuring “Cops vs. Firemen” and (new for 2019) “Celebrities/Teachers vs. Survivors/Teachers” basketball games.
  • Proudly, so much more!

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We are proud to provide so much more….we are “dedicated to those who suffer.”